Editorial Notebooks

Prepared, Confident, Proud

Total transformation of one resume to the best resume

As a junior with the career fair coming up next week, it is about time I get serious about looking for an internship. I have never been to the Career Fair, and before last week I didn’t have a resume. Well I had one, but it wasn’t one I was proud of. Thanks to the Center for Career and Professional Development and Marie Dieffenbach, I feel ready to take it on.

I’ve been to three workshops already this semester, and each one has been helpful and informative. The first one really spurred me into action. It was a general overview of the Career Fair and some things related to that, such as how to dress, how to pitch yourself, I went straight home that night… and slept! But the next day I worked on my previously pitiful resume. I took it into the CCPD’s walk-in hours and had it critiqued. I was worried it would be torn to shreds, but to my surprise it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. With the changes that had been suggested, I went and updated my resume to version two. This one I took to Marie Dieffenbach at the HUB. I had heard from a friend that she was the person to go to to get Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering department resumes critiqued. She was great, helped me straighten up a couple of things and I was on my way with a resume I was proud of.

The second workshop was one focused on graduate school. I had bounced the idea around of attending grad school, but I wasn’t so sure. This workshop showed me grad school wasn’t the right fit for me. I wanted to do it for the prestige rather than the drive for research, so I plan now to go straight to industry after graduation.

The third was a smaller event held in Mother’s for juniors and seniors. It was focused on finding a job or internship and some of the resources the CCPD offers. For instance, there is a site that RPI students have access to that searches the web for any and all job listings. I haven’t fully explored it yet, but from the demonstration it seems powerful. The presenter also went over LinkedIn profiles, which led to me updating mine and to start applying to places. So far, I’ve applied for summer internships at three different companies with more to come.

My next task is to prepare my thirty second pitch and use that to get an interview at the Career Fair, then probably do mock interviews to prepare for the real interviews. Both of which the CCPD can and will help you with. And I will continue to go to the workshops they put on.

In general, you should take advantage of the resources around you, whether that be the CCPD, the HUB, a faculty member, or anybody else willing to help. Be sure to take advantage of them early, having a general idea of what goes into things would have been useful to me earlier in college.