Official statement from PU on poster outrage

Kirchner appoints four bold, new freshmen to the Executive Board for 2016-2017 year

Hello again RPI! As always, a great many things happened across campus this past week; I’ll start on a lighter note. This past Monday, the Executive Board gained four new members: Ananya Murali ’20 and Anissa Choiniere ’20 will join the board as two regular voting members and Class of 2020 representative and member at large, respectively; Caitlin Kennedy will join the E-Board as a non-voting officer who is focused on providing initial funding to new and unfunded clubs in the Union; and Majken Rasmussen ’20 will join the board as a non-voting officer focused on working with existing clubs and on E-Board projects. Murali, Choiniere, Kennedy and Rasmussen are all members of the Class of 2020 and the E-Board and I are all excited to begin working with these new members and we are looking forward to a great year ahead for the team.

On a more serious note, I am sure many of you have received an email related to postering rules across campus. While Grand Marshal Paul Ilori ’17 and I do not oversee the enforcement of these rules or take part in the decisions of when to enforce them, we do, however oversee the rules for hanging signs and posters in the Rensselaer Union building. Under Union sign policy, all signs must be brought to the Union Admin Office to be stamped. The administrative staff will then stamp up to five signs to be hung around the building. These five signs cannot be hung on bulletin boards reserved for use by specific organizations (like RPI TV, The Polytechnic, Photo Club, UPAC, etc.) These five signs also cannot be placed anywhere besides bulletin boards. This means that any sign hanging on the exterior of the building, on a window or glass surface, on a door or wall, or any surface that is not a bulletin board, will be removed by Union staff when they perform a regular check of signs in the Union. This is and always has been the policy for the Union and is regularly enforced by Union staff. That being said, if you notice a sign that violates our sign policy please bring it to the attention of staff members and they will remove it. I would invite anyone who had their posters removed as a result of our sign check last week to come to the Union Admin Office on the third floor of the Union to have their signs stamped and placed in the correct locations throughout the building.

This past week Paul and I also released a statement relating to recent events on campus. This statement can be viewed at For the sake of not quoting myself, I would encourage everyone to read through it and send any questions they have for Paul or me to or We are happy to answer and would love to hear from you. We will be following up with another statement after our next meeting with Vice President for Student Life Dr. Frank E. Ross after it happens.