Letter to the Editor

Dr. Ross, change your approach

One has to admire the audacity that Dr. Frank E. Ross continues to have. The email sent out on September 13 was one of the most breathtaking examples of revisionist history I’ve ever seen. So I’d like to ask: Dr. Ross, why are you bringing up the fact a specific job was removed? One has to wonder, given the tone of the email and the blatant doublespeak, if he imagines the RPI student body can read. His point though, in stating that a specific job was removed, makes me wonder if it’s perhaps projection. Let’s consider why there was outrage to the job offer being placed out there. I highly doubt that it was the creation of a job at all, it would seem bizarre since such protests aren’t commonplace. Now, while Dr. Ross might feign ignorance, protesting that he wasn’t here for other jobs, as he commonly does to escape responsibility, he can ask around, there being a listing for a job doesn’t seem to be sufficient for the student body to be up in protest. Perhaps then it’s the nature of the job, where student autonomy is taken away and given to the administration. But that would seem to imply that the current uproar is once again over student autonomy being violated. So one has to marvel at Dr. Ross saying that the specific job title has vanished, as it’s strikingly irrelevant. I can’t begin to guess whether this is malice, in an attempt to deceive the student body, or just sheer incompetence in not understanding the issue. In either event, I’d like to politely suggest to Dr. Ross that he stop embarrassing himself, though given the regularity of the occurrence it might prove difficult.

Alex Norman ’18