Letter to the Editor

125 years of student engagement

Last year, the Rensselaer Union celebrated its 125th anniversary. For 125 years, students have led themselves in budgeting, governance, and defending the rights and interests of their peers. Hundreds of theatrical performances, hundreds of sports teams, and over 150 student elections have been run by students.

The opportunities provided by these organizations have enabled the leadership that has made RPI alumni great. It’s the presidents of clubs and fraternities, treasurers of fraternities and honor societies, and the captains of our sports teams that have gone on to be the leaders that have made RPI world-famous. Students develop leadership skills when given true opportunities to have leadership in things that they care about and in activities that give them freedom.

For 125 years, the students of RPI have governed and represented themselves and have defended and funded their own interests. For 125 years, the Union, run by and for students, has made RPI unique. For 125 years, the students of RPI have shown that they are capable of the leadership, maturity, and trust that goes with those privileges and responsibilities. For 125 years, RPI students have shown their work.

It’s time for the administration to show theirs. To reiterate a strong cry from Professor Puka’s class in front of EMPAC last year: “Show your work.”

Emi Phillips ’17

Chemical Engineering