Shuttle service expands without much notice

As you were walking to class earlier this week, you probably noticed posters that have been put up on campus relating to the current state of affairs of the Rensselaer Union in relation to the Institute’s new Assistant Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students position. Chip Kirchner ’17 and I have been working to relate the concerns that we, as leaders, and other members of the Rensselaer community have in regards to this position since the end of the spring semester. We have a meeting with Dr. Ross scheduled for Wednesday, September 14, where we’ll be discussing the matter. We will have more comments and information after this meeting happens.

While this matter is important and will be taking a lot of the efforts and focus of members of Student Government, this isn’t the only thing we will be working on. Currently, the Hospitality Services Committee, a subcommittee of the Senate’s Facilities & Services Committee, is searching for a new chairman. HSAC works directly with RPI’s Auxiliary Services and Sodexo to improve all dining experiences and opportunities on campus. If you’re interested in the position, or being a member of the committee, please contact me or Austin Miller ’17, the FSC Chairman. I think we can all agree that food is a pretty important part of everyone’s experience at RPI, and the more input we get from everyone, the better we can ensure that needs are being met. There’s also a lot of different opportunities for students to get involved in Institute committees on topics ranging from academics to planning for the Summer Arch; so if any of these topics interest you, feel free to contact me about seeing how you can get involved in them.

Despite having been on Senate since my start at RPI, I’m still learning a lot of different things from sitting in on Senate committee meetings. For example, I just found out the Saturday morning West Campus Shuttle stops by the Farmers’ Market to facilitate people being able to head down there to check it out more easily, which would’ve been awesome to know earlier, since the Farmers’ Market is pretty great. So you’ll never know what you’ll find during your time here. Right now the Web Technologies Group is working on a bunch of different great projects ranging from reworking the Shuttle Tracker website and improving student government’s web presence. One of the best aspects of getting involved in the Union and student government is that you get practical experience you can’t really get elsewhere. From working directly on developing websites, apps, and the Union Annual Report, where you can get involved in writing a financial report detailing the income and expenditures of the Union in the style of similar documents publicly traded companies publish, you can get involved directly in things you don’t have much an opportunity to do anywhere else in life. So feel free to jump on in and get involved!