Improvements all around campus awe students

During the summer, a lot of work happens behind the scenes to make campus better by the time students return. The Editorial Board of The Poly wanted to take this week to show our appreciation for the efforts that have been undertaken to improve campus for the entire Rensselaer community.

The most high-profile and visible project this summer was the renovation of North Hall and E-Complex in order to provide enough housing for this year’s record-breaking large freshman class. Buildings that were declared uninhabitable last year have been improved to the point where students can comfortably live in them. Construction happened throughout the entire summer and ended with the inside of the two residence halls being completely redone.

Other spaces on campus also received updates during the summer. A few of our editors have noticed the new chairs and desks installed in the Russell Sage Labratory 3303 lecture hall. They are more comfortable and quite an improvement from the old chairs. Additionally, all students on campus have most likely noticed the new tables and chairs in the McNeil Room of the Rensselaer Union. The previous furniture was over a decade old and while it served its purpose well over the years, it was definitely time for an upgrade.

The Mueller Center has also seen its fair share of improvements: pads under all machines on the second floor and a TRX Suspension Trainer on the first floor.

Finally, a number of improvements have been made to the outside grounds of campus as well. First, the walkway between the Department of Public Safety building and the Union has been redone. In fact, that work just ended in the past week, but it’s something we all notice whenever we cross the 15th Street footbridge to the main academic campus. Additionally, new bricks have been put into the walkway that goes from Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center to the parking garage past Cogswell Labs and the Materials Research Center. Finally, those of us walking up the Approach from downtown Troy and Blitman have noticed the new retaining wall installed by the Carnegie Building.