E-Board wants YOU

Open positions await applications

Hello again RPI! I hope everyone had a great first week of classes and a good start to the school year. The Activities Fair last Thursday was an outstanding success with over 200 clubs from across campus present. With the help of all of our club officers we also managed to stay below the occupancy limit for the duration of the fair.

The Activities Fair began as a method of accountability for Rensselaer Union-funded clubs on campus. Each club needed to participate to prove that they were active and inclusive of the entire student body. This is still true today for Union-funded clubs and Union-recognized clubs, but the fair has grown into much more than what it was when it first began. The Activities Fair is the main source of recruitment for almost all clubs on campus and an important outreach tool for other organizations. Each year, first-year students attend to meet the groups they are interested in and most ultimately become part of one of our many, many clubs on campus. It’s an essential tool for the longevity of most organizations. Next year, however, we need to focus on reevaluating the planning and details of the Activities Fair to ensure that all students who are interested and all club members who recruit have no restrictions. The Executive Board along with interested club officers will tackle this challenge and continue to improve our Activities Fair for the 2017–2018 school year.

Speaking of the Executive Board, we are currently seeking applications from first-year students for two available positions on the Board. The Executive Board is the chief financial body in the Union completing budgeting for the entire organization. Every penny spent by a Union club or by the Union itself is approved by the Executive Board. Our committees work on improving accessibility to all student clubs through marketing and advertisement, improving Union facilities and business operations, and providing the campus with incredible extracurricular activities like Union After Dark, concerts like the one last semester with the Chainsmokers, and weekly movies in the Darrin Communications Center. The Executive Board is an amazing opportunity to get involved on campus and a great way to gain professional exposure to budgeting and organizational management.

If you are interested please apply at or email and I will send a printable copy of the application to you. You may also email me with any questions or comments you have regarding the application of the Executive Board. Time commitment for members is 2–3 hours per week in Executive Board meetings, 1–2 hours per week in committee meetings, and one hour a week working with student groups.