Pride in making changes

The Editorial Board would like to thank President Shirley Ann Jackson for the email she sent the community this past Tuesday. We appreciate that our feedback has been heard and has made a meaningful impact on the course of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute—here’s to hoping that this represents a positive future for student-administration relations.

The past few weeks and months have been tumultuous, and even after the Spring Town Meeting and the protest that took place outside, we were concerned that no change would come of it. The Institute could have continued to push the changes, despite student opinion, but they did not. Instead, the administration has listened to our voices and formed decisions based on our input. We believe that this is a valuable first step in building a stronger, healthier relationship with the administration.

To the students: this is not a time to stop working. We have proven that our opinion matters, is valuable, and most of all, is heard at the highest level. Instead of celebrating this victory and returning to our previous state, we must continue to foster the relationship that has been presented to us. The administration has reached out and opened up to us, so we must do the same. It is important that we treat this opportunity with the respect and dignity it deserves; we not only represent the current students, but generations and generations of students to come. What we do now will affect lives dozens of years down the road, so it is important we do it right.

Which brings us to the last point: it is our duty to prepare each incoming group of students with the tools they need to continue our legacies. Most of us spend only four short years at Rensselaer, so becoming a role model for future student leaders is of the utmost importance. They must know what we worked to achieve—how important is it to the future of the Union and of the Institute as a whole. So long as we continue to nurture the relationships we are building, students, the Union, and the Institute will enjoy shared success.