Roundabout answers given in Town Hall

Student struggles with ambiguity; decides that this some point enough is enough

What does it mean to be a university? A university is a place of learning, of research, of people in a field educating future generations to succeed them and lead the human race into the future. Does anyone really think that The Honorable has the best interests of the students of this institute at heart? Does anyone think that she has the best interests of the faculty of this institution at heart, given that she’s made the faculty senate impotent? Given she doesn’t, how can we claim she has the best interests of this institution at heart?

At the meeting with Dr. Ross this Tuesday at Academy Hall, I asked him how the denial of the “application” to protest wasn’t a blatant violation of student civil liberties. He proceeded to give a rambling two minute non answer, as he had done by my count at least seven times throughout the student forum. Despite the civility of the students, Dr. Ross lied repeatedly to the students present, notably stating word for word, and I quote “The Director of the Student Union does not report to students.” He lied and refused to answer questions multiple times, also blaming the lack of communication on the students and the Student Union, whittling down the time in the meeting so as to not actually answer the questions of the students, which is a somewhat interesting choice in holding a forum that’s more than a simple public relations move.

We’ve attempted to reason with the administration, we’ve attempted to talk, but they’ve not engaged in good faith, they’ve stonewalled students, they’ve shifted blame to the student body, and they’ve violated the civil and academic liberties of the students and the faculty. At a certain point, behaving in the manner of conduct they prescribe is itself oppressive, as it forces us to act in ways in which we are impotent. Show up at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center Wednesday at 2 pm. Let your voice be heard. Show the administration that authoritarianism isn’t tolerated in academia.

Alex Norman ’18