Staff Editorial: Public Safety notes and weekly blotter woes

Anyone who has read The Poly last semester, as well as right now, has probably noticed that the News section has lacked a Public Safety blotter. The blotter covers most of the events that Department of Public Safety officers responded to over the previous week. For all of our readers who have missed this particular part of the News section, the Editorial Board of The Poly apologizes for the inconvenience. All of us are actively working on restoring the publication of the blotter for all of our devoted readers.

Traditionally, The Poly’s News department has been on the DPS incident report mailing list sent out roughly once a week by DPS Investigator Terrence Burns to many different people in both RPI’s Administration and even public officials in the City of Troy. Of course, we did not publish the content verbatim from these emails, but rather we would edit the submissions for both readability and to make sure that we were not publishing personally identifiable information about anyone being served by DPS. At the end of the last semester, the News department stopped receiving these emails.

Last week, we asked Investigator Burns why we had stopped receiving these emails and we were informed that it was due to a request made by his vice president. This was the first time we were informed that we were, in fact, removed from the incident report list as opposed to just the emails not being sent at all.

Rest assured that we are diligently working with different members of RPI’s Administration in order to restore our ability to publish a blotter as it is something that we feel provides a great window into all of the work Public Safety does all day, everyday to protect all people who live and work at RPI.