Interfraternity Council

Signing bid into law

Welcoming 112 new pledges this spring

Hello RPI,

If some of you don’t know who I am, I am the current President of the Interfraternity Council, and a brother of Phi Gamma Delta, commonly known as Fiji. I’ll be writing editorials for The Poly roughly once a month from now on, so keep a lookout moving forward. I would like to take this opportunity to announce some exciting happenings within the Greek community! Some of you may be wondering what the deal is with the Greek Dean (or lack thereof). Well, wonder no longer: even though Dean Dresher and Beth Pasinella have done a great job bridging the gap, I am excited to report that RPI has posted the position and is hoping to have a new Greek Dean this summer. The idea behind a summer start is that the new dean will have some time to get ready for the start of the Fall 2016 semester. The IFC has been working on a few projects, including revamping the website and making changes to recruitment.

More houses than usual took part in rush this spring, and collectively, Greek life had 112 new members sign bids. This was a 56 percent increase when compared to Spring 2015 (72 signed bids). Even though Fall 2015 saw slightly fewer signed bids when compared to Fall 2014 (305 versus 327), overall the 2015-2016 calendar year has seen a 5 percent increase in signed bids compared with the 2014-2015 calendar year. I think that this spring’s recruitment period was especially successful for several reasons, but mostly due to the hard work of the IFC recruitment chair, Nathan Rosengrant ’18. He extended the rush period to make it three weeks (one week longer than the previous spring rush period), added a spring Meet the Greeks event (which traditionally had only taken place in the fall), and resurrected a form of dorm storming, where chapters were afforded structured times to go into dorms accompanied by RAs. Even though dorm storming will likely never be “the way it was” due to the break-ins and increased security measures, I think that Greek life is moving in the right direction. This spring was a great example of thinking outside the box and finding new ways to attract members while remaining respectful of the new RPI security.

With Summer Arch and the Nexus programs in years to come, we will need to continue to develop new ideas for recruiting members. I’d also like to give a quick shout-out to Chi Phi for their Saint Baldrick’s event on February 28, where they shaved their heads at Park Pub Restaurant to raise money for childhood cancer research. It’s events like that which make the Greek community so special!