Opposites attract in siblings

Remembering that it’s “see you later,” not “goodbye”

I was born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma. When people ask me why I chose to come to New York for college, one of the reasons I give is that I just wanted to get away. I am still really happy with my choice to go away for school, but the hardest part of that was leaving my family, especially my sister.

My sister’s name is Sierra, and we are five years apart. She and I are quite the opposite of each other. She is the family’s social butterfly, always out and about going and doing things with her friends; I, on the other hand, spent the vast majority of my free time at home playing video games. She also loves to eat many different varieties of food, whereas I am a picky eater that won’t touch anything green. The differences go on, but given how much we aren’t alike, we are still really close friends.

Sierra is a fairly funny little girl. She is outgoing, lively, and loves to be the life of the party. I make her laugh, and sometimes we just have laughing fits where we laugh about nothing for minutes. She and I usually have a good time with each other, and I can’t imagine a childhood without her being there with me.

One of her admirable traits is that she can’t stand for unfairness. If one of her classmates gets unfair treatment from a teacher or a member of the administration, Sierra will make a stink about it. She also isn’t afraid to argue with them about it. In her Spanish class, she has a classmate who is disabled. The teacher had picked up quizzes from the previous day. The following day the teacher asked the disabled student where his quiz was; he had turned it in, but she wouldn’t relent and he got very upset and frustrated. Sierra told the teacher to calm down because she had seen her pick up his quiz. The teacher backed off after Sierra confronted her, and the student didn’t have to redo the assignment.

She adores animals, especially cats and kittens. For this reason, I think she will go on to get a job dealing with animals in some way. She is always so caring with them, and many times strays have wandered onto our property and she has taken them in. One funny story happened when we had gotten a cat and Sierra had named him Bacon because that was the first thing he had eaten at our house. Our mother didn’t want Bacon in the house, but my sister felt so bad for him being outside at night all alone that she snuck him into her room and let him sleep with her. Our mom never found out. She also has a certain speech that she uses with animals that is really funny. I can’t replicate it, but it is nice when we are on the phone and she just jumps into it because she spotted one of our cats walking around.

Of course, we have our spats, but all siblings do. We get over those in no time and we are back to being friends. I miss her, and things won’t ever really have the same dynamic of us living together full time, but I’m so glad I have her as my sister. I love you, Sierra.