Staff Editorial: Making wellbeing a winter driving priority

Although December felt more like spring, winter is now truly upon us. It’s cold and windy, and we’ll probably see the campus covered in a blanket of snow soon. For the freshmen from warmer climates, make sure you are prepared. An actual winter jacket is a must. Boots, hats, gloves, and scarves are recommended for the bitter cold days. Marching from the Burdett Avenue Residence Hall down to West Hall for class can feel like the Night’s Watch patrolling north of The Wall.

For those with cars, it’s sometimes hard to push our reckless college tendencies away. We have an urge to drive fast and some of us might need to try some doughnuts in the snowy parking lot. At the risk of sounding like your parents, The Poly urges you to stay safe when it snows. The best thing to do is stay off the roads until the snowplows can come through. Most of us have taken Physics 1, so we should know that a body in motion stays in motion on a near-frictionless surface. Solving for our car, we find these situations tend to end up with a car stuck in a snowdrift on the side of the road. If you do need to venture out, maybe to Vermont for some fresh powder skiing or riding, take it slow. Proceed cautiously through intersections and around bends. Especially watch out for other drivers, who may or may not be capable snow drivers. Even once the streets are cleared, snowmelt during the day can cause ice patches to appear in unexpected places.

While this may make it sound like The Poly wants you to stay inside, nice and snug, we truly wish for your safety. Risking hypothermia or a crash every time you go to class is ridiculous, so urging common sense, stay safe this season!