Survival of the studious nerds

This week starts the home stretch for the fall semester. We are in the midst of the second-to-last week of classes and the workload is going to increase before finals begins. For the classes that do not have finals, final grades will be recorded in two very short weeks. Students are in the midst of filling out the final course evaluations using the electronic Digital Measures system. I know this because as I am writing this notebook, I am filling out those evaluations at the same time. They may not mean that much at the end of the day, but I feel like the feedback is collected for someone to read so it must be important.

These last two weeks are going to be a time of focused productivity, at least for me. I did not do a whole lot of work during Thanksgiving break because I wanted to be able to enjoy it, so that just means I’ll have a slightly busier week than usual. The opportunity for my time management skills to really shine has arrived. I’m used to staying up late and being productive, which will certainly be happening in this time. Since this is the end of the semester, everyone should dig in and finish it out strong. Why squander so much work at the last minute?

At the same time, I do encourage everyone to keep their sanity and spend some time away from the books. Make sure that you do not drop off of the face of the planet to your friends. Spend some time with them in these next couple of weeks, even if it turns into a study group. Stress levels across the Institute will be high and it is important to not let emotions get the best of us. No matter what your final grades end up being, only you can know how much work you have put in to achieve them. The accomplishment will come from the fact that you put in your best effort, rather than what the final number ends up being in the end.

A lot of clubs are doing officer elections now (including The Poly) and the officers they elect will be the leaders in the spring. For many groups, it is a weighty decision for the current membership to make, and not one to be taken lightly. Many new members to The Poly are running for Editorial Board positions and elections will be exciting for many, to say the least.

Stay strong Rensselaer, and know that if you have made it this far, you can finish strong—even if all nighters have to be pulled and energy drinks downed.