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Hello Rensselaer and Company,

I’m happy to announce that the Class of 2019 has elected their four Senators! Congratulations to: Caleb Caraway ’19, Nancy Bush ’19, Wilbur Valarde ’19, and Cameron Riley ’19.

A warm welcome to their new positions, and I hope that freshmen take the time to reach out to them about their day-to-day life concerns.

Last week in Senate, we had a presentation from the Web Technologies Group on a platform to use for counting votes within the Senate. This was put forward as an idea last semester, in order to increase meeting efficiency and have a better understanding of how we vote in meetings. The bulk of the meeting, however, was on the discussion of appointing the freshmen representative and two members-at-large to the Executive Board. As elections were delayed this year, we found complications within the Rensselaer Union Constitution, and came to the decision that the Class of 2019 E-Board Representative would have to be delayed to appointment until all elections concluded (so, officially congrats to Matthew Rand ‘19).

This past Tuesday, the Senate discussed a proposal on the Co-Terminal Student Activity Fee, and undertook our annual Light Walk. This is an event where we walk around campus and nearby neighborhoods to look at areas that we deem “unsafe” or “sketchy”, and send this to the city of Troy so that improvements may be made.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been encouraging students to come and talk to me about their perspective on the Summer Arch initiative. I haven’t gotten the level of responses that I would like to see, so I would like to specify a particular role that I am looking for someone to fill. I’d like someone who is well invested in the aspects of residence life that we hold dear here at RPI. We want this person to be involved with the discussions on developing the living and learning experience. This is one of the multiple roles I’m looking to fill, so if you’re curious as to what else you can expect, please contact me as soon as possible.

Finally, Family Weekend is coming up on Friday, so if your family or loved ones are coming to town, be sure to check out all of the events that are being put on by clubs, your own or otherwise.

The other day, I had the opportunity to sit on a panel for leadership, and one of the items that was discussed was the general apathy on campus. This is referring to the perception that students should put their noses to the grindstone and never let up, and that investing themselves into anything outside their studies is not worthwhile. I can only say this in so many ways, but that is an entirely worthless way to view your time here. As a student, you have opportunities and rights that you need to be sure you take advantage of. If you have any confusion as to what those rights are, please talk to me.

-GM 150