New adults encouraged to vote

You're an adult, act like it

Hello RPI Students,

First, to all of the freshmen reading this, you should know that Thursday, October 15 is your day to go and vote for your student government representatives. I cannot stress how much this can affect the future of your time here at Rensselaer, as these people will likely end up representing you three years from now. They will most likely be determining what events will be made available to you for class unity. The voting will take place in the Rensselaer Union (in the lobby facing the Quadrangle Residence Hall on the 2nd floor), and the Darrin Communications Center, during the daytime.

In other news, there are a few events that you can look forward to this week. Coming up is Science, Technology, Arts at Rensselaer Weekend, where a diverse group of high school students spend the weekend learning about what we have here at Rensselaer. During this weekend, International Festival will be held in the Union, open to all students. Students will be bringing their backgrounds to the forefront in an exciting and enriching experience, which I encourage you all to attend. In addition, there is Nuestra Balleza, an annual event where we take the time to appreciate and engage in different cultural arts and displays by students. My suggestion for this weekend would be to stay in the Union as much as possible; you’re bound to find something great. The only exception to that would be Apokries, which is a festival put on by many Greek organizations on campus, and takes place Saturday starting at 10 am on the ’86 Field.

Now, I am writing to you today because I think that we have a problem here at Rensselaer. I think that too many students have gotten into the shameful place of thinking their thoughts are unimportant. I hear that students are dissatisfied with the day-to-day challenges they are presented with, be it in the classroom with a professor who they don’t connect with, their career opportunities, or even the people they spend time with. I hear these things and wonder why anyone would allow this to continue in their lives. Let’s make something clear: as a student here, you have a right to services to support your pursuit of knowledge, and the mentorship that comes with it. If a change in a course goes against the syllabus that was given to you at the start, and you disagree with it, make that known because it’s your education that hangs in the balance. If you’re struggling with finding opportunities to work in your field, your resources are in the students around you, the professors you get lectured by, and the Center for Career and Professional Development (2nd floor of the DCC). If you’re not satisfied with the people you have surrounding you, you have the right to the resources to help you find a place at RPI where you feel comfortable and welcome. One of the greatest parts about RPI is the fact that we have a STUDENT-run Union, a place where we choose the direction of our clubs, events, and resources. We are students supporting students, and if you’re facing an issue on campus, I would bet that you’re not the only one. I know many of the student issues, but not all of them, so tell me what you have issues with. Help me make your priorities my priority.

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