Staff Editorial

Calendar inconveniences

This year, classes began on Monday, January 26, for the Spring 2015 semester, one week later than classes usually start. This slightly longer winter break caused all following weeks in the academic year to be pushed forward as well. For example, the Fall 2015 semester will now begin on the very last day of August and the coming winter break will begin two days before Christmas. As a result, it will be much shorter, making work difficult for students that must over the short winter vacation. Additionally, the later spring finals week forces some students to start internships or work immediately after their last exam.

The Poly believes that this scheduling is not efficient or consistent with scheduling in past years. We wonder why RPI moved the academic calendar forward when similar schools maintained the second or third weeks of January as their starting dates for the spring semester. Worchester Polytechnic Institute began its spring semester on Thursday, January 15; Carnegie Mellon on Monday, January 12; and Lehigh University on Monday, January 19. This one week schedule change in the academic calendar has caused headaches for students and staff alike.