PU talks new E-Board members

What’s up, RPI?

So this week there’s quite a bit to talk about, mainly selections for the 2015–2016 Executive Board! I want to sincerely thank everyone who applied. This year, I received 42 applicants who were all well qualified and strong candidates. If I had 42 positions to fill, I would be a happy man, but that unfortunately isn’t the case. This meant the ones I had available to fill were highly competitive.

I selected three members from the previous board to return. They are:

Charles “Kirk” Bittner ’16 is currently an aeronautical engineering major from Coventry, Connecticut. The abundance of clubs and organizations available to the RPI community played a big part in his decision to come to Rensselaer and he has taken advantage of this for the past several years. He has been an active member in many clubs such as the RPI Flying Club, The RPI Players, UPAC Lights, the RPI Pep Band, the RPI Curling Club, and has been on the Executive Board since 2013.

Donna Grace Moleta ’18 is an environmental engineering student. She is a sister in the Alpha Omega Epsilon sorority and has been on the Executive Board since 2014. She hopes to provide clubs with all the resources they could possibly need in her time on the board, and aspires to “improve urban air quality and be as fierce as Beyoncé.”

Emily Farella ’16 is a dual mechanical engineering/design, innovation, and society major from Long Island. She served as the Marketing, Advertising, and Publicity Committee Chairman, and is involved with the Newman Catholic Fellowship and the 125th Anniversary Committee for the Union.

I also selected nine new members. They are:

Alexander Benzell ’16 of the chemistry program will be pursuing his co-terminal degree within the same department in the next year. Prior to joining the Executive Board, he served on RPI Ambulance in various roles such as a President, Radio Coordinator, Scheduling Coordinator, and Crew Chief. He was a Resident Assistant on the Fourth Floor of Blitman Commons and will be the Resident Director of Residential Apartment Housing Project A for the upcoming year.

Conrad Mossl ’17 is an Information Technology and Web Science major who has been involved with a variety of organizations since he came to RPI. He is a brother of Sigma Chi, has been involved with Winter Carnival, Student Orientation, and the development of the Union website.

Charles “Chip” Kirchner ’17 is studying mechanical and aeronautical engineering. For the past two years he has been the equipment chair and acting treasurer of UPAC Sound and very involved with the programming board and the other UPAC clubs.

Gregory Bartell ’17 is studying for a dual degree in computer and systems engineering and computer science. Greg has been the business manager for WRPI for two years and hopes to make great improvements for clubs and organizations through the Union.

Nicholas Schlatz ’16 is studying business and management and is seeking a concentration in supply chain management and a minor in economics. Nick has been a member of the varsity football team since his freshman year, has worked as a marketing intern for Sodexo here on campus, and is a brother of Theta Chi.

Jeremy Feldman ’16 is studying aeronautical engineering. He has been heavily involved with clubs on campus, having founded the Debate Club and serving as the president of the RPI Players for their 85th season. He is a midshipman in the Navy ROTC program where he worked as the financial officer for 2014.

Harrison Kang ’17 is studying chemical engineering. He has been involved with several cultural clubs on campus having served as the treasurer and vice president of Chinese-American Student Association, and the treasurer and Asian Cultural Union representative of the Japanese Cultural Association.

Saurabh Dargar is a graduate student pursuing his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering. He has been at RPI for seven years now, and has thoroughly enjoyed his time here. He has been involved as an officer of the Indian Student Association during his undergrad, and has founded and run several successful start-up businesses before coming to RPI and during his tenure.

Shannon McComb ’17 is studying biomedical engineering with a concentration in biomaterials. She is a sister of Alpha Phi and is just wrapping up her semester abroad studying in England. She hopes to bring the perspectives she has gained in her travels to the Executive Board.

There have also been appointments to the board by the Senate, Graduate Council, and Undergraduate Council, but at this point, The Poly may hunt me down for the long read, so I’ll cover that next time. I also have four additional at large seats available and a class of 2019 position that will be filled next semester, so keep your eyes peeled and stay involved! I’ll also be putting out calls for committee interest once I have appointed my committee chairs. Committee work is pertinent to everything we do, so I highly encourage all students, especially those who applied to the board, to stay involved.

Best of luck with your finals, remember to eat and sleep regularly, or at least as regularly as possible. I’m here if you need me, just shoot me a message at

Keep on keepin’ on,