Good times gone by too fast

Editor looks back on freshman year at RPI

I can’t believe it. This marks the end of another school year. Usually, older students joke about the freshmen. Thinking more deeply about that, I will never be considered a freshman again. Before going on with this brief review of my college freshman experience, I want to first thank every person that I have met here at RPI, from my friends in my hall and in clubs, the workers in Commons, and so many more. Thank you all. Now here’s some of my awesome, casual experiences I’ve had over the last couple months.

One day strolling around freshman hill, a very energetic girl approached me and asked, “Do you want to get slimed?” I agreed to it, and a few days later I got mustard, flour, and so much more dumped onto to me. Peers I barely knew that night watched the slime drench me, and later that month whenever meeting people, the fact I got slimed seemed to always make its way into the conversation. I love talking about it to this day!

A big shoutout to my hall, Crockett Hall, and my fellow Crocketteers. We have grown so much over the last several months. On a casual daily basis, I play Super Smash Bros. Melee whenever we can get the crew together. I would say I greatly improved; I can now successfully use Peach and her down smashes and grabs. Also, just the casualness within the hall, from coming back from a day of classes and walking down the hallway saying hi to all my buds to listening to music with them before bed.

Even on some Friday nights, we played Smash. I felt like the typical RPI student. But that’s not always the case. Kids here are much cooler than what most people think of RPI students. I’ve gone out some nights and other nights just chilled in my hall. On those quiet Sunday evenings when kids are feeling kind of bummed out about the school week ahead, I would go into the kitchen, plop all the pans and cooking supplies on the window sill and get baking my sugar cookies. Going around the hallways, I usually found someone that would give me Hershey’s Kisses and M&Ms to put into mix. When the cookies were done, even after the oven burned them and baked them in unexpected ways, they were still pretty good. The freshly baked cookie smell attracted everyone to the lounge.

With all the beautiful weather recently, to go outside and throw a baseball or frisbee with friends is always a good time. All the laid-back activities I do throughout the week have surely accounted for a great freshman year and hopefully next year will bring even more. I’m happy I chose RPI.