GM relays personal experience with ALAC

ALAC and CCP prove useful for core courses and communication

Classes are reaching their final stretch, and students are using every tool in their arsenal to tackle their final projects, presentations, and examinations. I’d like to take this chance to talk about some of my favorite resources, the first of which is the Advising & Learning Assistance Center, or ALAC for short.

ALAC offers a variety of tutoring opportunities for students who have difficulties in their courses, or simply want to stay one step ahead of the curve. There are free drop-in tutoring opportunities for many of the classes here, including that pesky IEA class so many of us fight through. Students can also find private tutors through ALAC, as the Center will only recommend students who have shown proficiency in the course they are recommended for. ALAC tutoring was how I survived being a first semester freshman in a Differential Equations class taught by a professor who had only taught graduate students before. It’s how I managed to get through Organic Chemistry I & II without five all-nighters a week, and learned Physics II without reading the textbook a hundred times. Check it out at, or ask at their office in Academy Hall.

Another resource I make use of is the Center for Communication Practices, or the CCP to cut down on letters. The CCP is an advising service for students to use for their reports and presentations, helping to ensure that technical reports are detailed yet concise, that presentations are engaging and informative, and improve the overall writing ability of students. Sign up for appointments online at, or try for a walk-in. They’re located on the first floor of the Folsom Library (so you’ll go down one flight of stairs from the main desk).

Now onto the business of the Senate for this week: we heard presentations on several petitions, and decided if we should take action, and if so, what sort of action should be taken. These petitions are: “Don’t Shut Down RPI’s Nuclear Reactor!,” “Do NOT Extend Sodexo’s Contract,” “Install Water Bottle Filling Stations around campus”, and “Expanded use of EMPAC.” Next week, at our meeting on May 12 in Elsworth, we will be addressing the petitions “Bring Beer Back to GM Week,” “Bring big-name concerts back to RPI,” and any others that may come up. Check out the current petitions, or post new ones at

Oh, and the best resource that we have for our studies is the person sitting in the seat next to us, who is going through the same challenges, may know a trick to make studying a better experience, and we all learn better when we can help someone else understand it as well.

As always, contact me at for any questions, comments, concerns, or studying tips!