Fade filled with dank memes

Use RPI Fade purposefully and wittily

Students of RPI, it’s time to talk. There has been a serious issue plaguing the students of this great school for several months now. Many of you are probably aware of this atrocity, but it’s time we get everyone on the same page. This unfortunate occurrence which I am referring to is the flooding of the RPI Fade page of seemingly nothing but memes.

For those of you that are unaware, Fade is a social media app that, similarly to Yik Yak, allows users to post content anonymously on their phones. People in the surrounding area can then see this content. The main difference between Yik Yak and Fade is that Fade allows for pictures as well as a sentence or two. The point of such an application is to allow those around RPI to post pictures of interesting and funny things that they see around campus. However, due to the “internet” culture that surrounds RPI, people see it fit to post memes and pictures of iFunny posts.

I, for one, enjoy a dank meme, but there is a time and a place. If I wanted to check out funny internet pictures with witty captions, I could go to any of the dozens of websites that literally do nothing but this. If I want to see interesting and funny pictures of things that are going on around RPI, there is only one place for this and that is RPI Fade. This epidemic wouldn’t even be that bad if there were the occasional post of a meme. However, on most days, the page is comprised entirely of internet culture jokes with silly captions! The worst of it all is that most of the meme posts are praised, as they receive a high amount of upvotes.

So this is where I speak to the students of RPI. Please, let RPI Fade be used for its original purpose. It’s time that we, as a student body, utilize RPI Fade for its actual purpose. Here are some ideas for things that you can start posting to Fade.

You see someone at the gym repping out 500 pounds like a complete monster? Post it to Fade. See someone using a machine all wrong? Discreetly post it. Perhaps you run across a spontaneous campus happening like the helicopter that landed at East Campus Athletic Village. Snap a picture and let Fade know. If you get a cut-off finger in your Sodexo meal, let the world know how disgusting it is. This kind of stuff is so much more interesting for the average student than a meme that has been downloaded from the internet. Even feel free to throw in a witty caption as long as it’s your own content. Together, we can fix this tragedy. We can take advantage of this unique application and make it something that is hilarious and entertaining. We, as a united campus, can fix this! Up with the original RPI content, down with the dank memes!