Executive Board applications due; weekly events

PU discusses club proposals, E-Board representative composition

What’s up RPI? I hope you have been enjoying the weather lately. It took a few long nights, but I think I finally have the weather machine in working order again. First order of business is, well, business. In this week’s Executive Board meeting, we heard proposals from the Jazz Ensemble for their summer concerts program, UPAC for some budgetary adjustments, and the RPI Bowling Club seeking Rensselaer Union recognition. Unfortunately, due to scheduling, I don’t have the results of these presentations as my Derby is due before the meeting. I’ll be working to fix this for next semester by moving some things around. However, if you check out the RPI Subreddit (, you’ll be able to see an E-Board “Week in Review” post of what’s been going on after this week’s meeting. I’ve had a number of clubs and organizations reach out to me as the semester winds down seeking to come before the board. Time is short, so I encourage any group interested in presenting to speak with their outgoing representative or point of contact to see what the best steps to take are as the new board is selected. I promise we will do our absolute best to ensure all groups are given every chance possible to be heard.

With that said, Wednesday, May 6 is the last day to apply to be on the incoming executive board! In case you lost your application, physical copies are still present on the Union bulletin boards, there is a PDF here: and a Google Form here: I have only been in office for a week and change, but I can honestly say that serving in this position has given me a radically different perspective of student government. Serving on the E-Board is a truly invaluable experience, and one that I encourage any student to seek out. By its definition, 12 representatives are chosen by the President of the Union, and three positions are delegated. Of the delegated positions, one will represent each of the following areas: the Student Senate, the Graduate Council, and the Undergraduate Council; all of which are appointed by their respective bodies. Among the 12 representatives selected by the President of the Union, there shall be at least one member each from the freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate classes. There must also be five representatives who have been members of a club or varsity sport team, and two at-large members representing any membership within the Rensselaer Union. With this diverse structure, students of all experiences are encouraged to apply. This year, we will be taking on many projects that will make a lasting impact on the Rensselaer community for the better, making this an excellent opportunity to give back.

This weekend is packed with events going on around campus, so I hope you all get the chance to get out and enjoy them! I’ve heard nothing but good things about The Players’ performances of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, which is showing this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 pm in the Playhouse. This Saturday, the Dance Team is having their Spring Recital, and UPAC is throwing a Field Day with laser tag and yard games on the ’86 Field. Men’s baseball will be home facing off against Rochester Institute of Technology or Clarkson University in the Liberty Leagues tournament on Friday. Other performances and events are abound! Be sure to check out the Rensselaer Union website and keep your eyes peeled for the details.

As always, if you have questions/comments/concerns, or even a joke you’d like to share, feel free to reach out to be at any time at or swing by my office hours (10 am–12 pm MWR) and PUb Chats (8 pm–9 pm MR). Just remember: One Monday remaining in the semester, and Clarkson still sucks.

Have a good one, RPI!