Editorial Notebook

Sour skittles satisfyingly sweet

Editor shares candy crush

I have a huge sweet tooth. Given the option, I will consume all the sugary delights I can find until I feel sick. And then when I start to feel a little bit better, I’ll eat some more and feel really sick. You are playing a dangerous game if you decide to share your candy with me. I will respect that it is yours until you offer me some, at which point you will find yourself out of said candy.

Knowing this, you may think that I love all candies equally. That chocolates, soft candies, and hard candies are all equal in my eyes. That I can walk into a convenience store or movie theater and truly struggle to pick something because I want it all. But I’m going to tell you right now I do not struggle with this issue for there is a candy that reigns above them all. First, however, lets review some of the shortcoming of other candies.

Chocolates are a favorite of many people and I think it’s pretty clear why. The chocolatey flavor is simply unmatched; creating a silky, melting taste as you consume it. It goes great with nuts, fruits, and my personal favorite, caramel, allowing hundreds of lovely combinations to try. And while I appreciate chocolate from Hershey’s to Godiva, it’s gone all too fast. If I have a piece of chocolate, I can guarantee that it will be gone in minutes. My love of candy takes over and I can’t control it. It’s one of the reasons I’m always hesitant to buy something like a Snickers or a Three Musketeers bar. If I’m going to eat half my daily value of sugar, I want it to last more than thirty seconds.

Now you may think that hard candies would solve this problem. Hard candies are known to be long lasting. Jolly Ranchers are actually a very close second for my favorite candy because of this lovely property, but most other candies just get crunched in my impatient jaws. Hard candies can also be lacking in the “excitement factor.” Chocolates solve this by mixing with nuts, fruits, and caramel, as I mentioned before, but hard candies are just … there, and that’s boring. Soft candies, I have found, are a happy medium between the two. Lasting long enough to truly be enjoyed, but not long enough that they fall victim to my vicious molars. Now the question remains, which soft candy has the highest “excitement factor?” Without a doubt, Skittles. Not just any type of Skittles; they must be Sour Skittles.

Sour Skittles have everything going for them. Skittles themselves have good flavors and can’t be mass consumed. I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad experience eating Skittles. But Sour Skittles have something more to them. The key to their power is the sour outer coating. This coating allows for a two-part consumption sequence, which prevents me from scarfing them down and extends the candy experience. The first is torturing your tongue with the sour, making it feel raw and painful after eating. Once all of the sour has been licked off, you are rewarded with the sweet inside that helps your tongue forget its pain. This remainder can be briefly chewed to extract all the flavor before finally being swallowed. This two-part experience is what makes Sour Skittles truly the greatest candy. And anyone who disagrees with me is wrong.