Polytechnic editorial board endorses Dvorak

Unanimous support comes after interviews with runoff election candidates

For initial general election, the editorial board of The Polytechnic voted for no endorsement in the 2015 race for President of the Union, due to a board-wide underlying conflict of interest involving a candidate on the ballot. For those who are unaware, the original general election, held Thursday, April 16, failed to elect a candidate. Because of this, there will be a runoff election involving the two still-eligible candidates who received the most votes from the original election, these candidates being Gregory Bartell ’17 and Nicholas Dvorak ’16. Due to this, our staff has been allowed to return to an objective position on the candidates in the race. In a unanimous vote of the members of the editorial board present, on Tuesday, April 21 we have elected to endorse Dvorak in this election.

From your very first encounter with him, Dvorak exudes approachability and strong communication skills. He appears passionate about all he speaks about and does. We feel that he is the type of leader students can get behind, and one which may cause students to feel compelled by to get involved with in student government. This is a skill which outgoing former Grand Marshal Kyle Keraga ’15 also possessed, and was, in our opinion, a major component to the successes in his term. This is something we would love to see continue on in the leaders of student government, especially in the Executive Board and its committees. We believe that, if elected, Dvorak would be someone who is caring and passionate about the success of students in their club-related endeavors.

Dvorak’s leadership experience comes from a wide range of sources, including having held a positions such as vice president of finance for his fraternity, the administrative director for UPAC Lights, a member of the Interfraternity Council Executive Board, and from real-world experience through previous summer internships. From all of this, it is clear that he is very qualified and experienced in understanding how a complex organization should be run and what will lead to success in specific situations. This is among the many reasons why we feel strongly that he is the best candidate for the position.

Another positive comes from Dvorak’s plans for the Executive Board over the next year. He believes strongly in implementing better relationships and lines of communication between club officers and E-Board representatives, and plans to require meetings with clubs at least once a month, which is a stark contrast from what currently occurs. Additionally, he plans to work towards helping clubs and their representatives create four-year financial and general operating plans to better ensure club longevity, growth, and purchasing ability for new and better equipment. We believe strongly that these growths in communication will lead to improvements to the process for both sides.

Another aspect of Executive Board operations which Dvorak plans to work at is the ease of accessing relevant information for club officers. Dvorak offered examples of this to us in our interview with him, including utilizing the new Rensselaer Union website to make pertinent documents and forms easily found, writing a personal, to-the-point cover page for the Union Annual Report, and creating a guide to working with the Executive Board as a club officer.

What it comes down to with Dvorak is that our staff strongly believes that he is the candidate that, if elected, will get the most done and do the most good for the outward success of student government as a whole. He is the type of individual who would stand up for what he believes in, and makes sure that it is achieved in the best ethically possible manner, if those beliefs are the best thing for the student body as a whole.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article was published in the April 22, 2015 issue. The version posted here has been corrected for grammatical and stylistic errors only.