Be a considerate neighbor

I don’t know if I’ve been particularly unlucky, but I’ve had the misfortune of having some pretty bad neighbors since coming to RPI. I personally was yelled at by a local resident last year for parking in my friend’s parking spot that was included in her apartment lease. Her neighbor threatened to have my car towed and berated me as I moved my car from the spot.

One semester I subletted an apartment on 12th Street on the north side of the campus. It was a nice enough apartment, but the neighbors made my time there less than pleasant. Not only did my next door neighbors decide to turn their yard into a metal shop and cut metal at inconsiderate hours, they also decided to turn their private problems public. They regularly had screaming matches in their yard just outside my bedroom window. Between having my sleep disturbed by my next door neighbors sawing metal in the middle of the night and other neighbors screaming at them for disturbing their sleep, I was very sleep deprived. This year I moved to 16th Street. My current neighbors block off portions of the street with traffic cones to reserve parking spots for themselves. When people have moved these cones and parked in the spots my neighbors blocked off, they have been threatened with physical violence and damage to their vehicles.

Now, I understand that not all Troy residents are rude and just awful people, but there are enough people like this to make RPI and Sage students want to flee Troy immediately following graduation. I believe it is in the best interest of Troy and its residents to encourage RPI and Sage students want to stay in Troy after graduation. It’s no secret that having a high percentage of college graduates in a city’s population helps the economy. College graduates often have higher salaries and are more financially stable than people who are not college graduates. Financially stable college graduates can invest in or start new businesses that can employ Troy residents and boost the local economy.The City of Troy would also benefit by receiving more money in taxes from college graduates. An increase in tax revenue would enable Troy to fix chronic problems plaguing the city such as the dangerous, pothole-ridden roads.

While I have focused on how some residents ruin the Troy community, that doesn’t excuse college students from their inconsiderate behavior. It doesn’t even cross some students’ minds that college students run on very different schedules from the general population. Just because you are awake doesn’t mean your neighbors are, and it definitely doesn’t mean they’ll appreciate you blaring your music. Keep in mind that while you may only be here for a few years, for most of your neighbors, Troy is their permanent home. Be considerate.