Letter to the Editor

Thinking ahead; Alum101

Pay it forward, help your alma mater

Every student at Rensselaer has been helped out in some way by an alumnus/a. Maybe the help was monetary, like a scholarship or a grant. Maybe the benefit was something indirect like funding one of the new programs or attending any of the many seminars/speeches given by alumni. It’s possible that it was even through entertainment, with a gift to one of the athletic teams or the events at homecoming. The gifts from alumni have been used to do many things. They have redone The Louis Rubin Memorial Approach, helped fund the semester abroad program, put a new sound system in the Houston Field House, helped build the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center and East Campus Athletic Village buildings, and much more.

I am asking you to please remember this when you graduate and become an alumni/a. Future RPI students will need your help, and I am not just talking about giving money, (although that will make a lot of people happy) but I am also asking you to donate your time. Go to your local college fairs and tell people about Rensselaer. Become a mentor and help guide current students along their chosen path, or get involved in your local alumni chapters and the Rensselaer Alumni Association. Your guidance and personal touch can really make a difference.

Please keep the cycle going. Every year there will be students who need your help. We were there to help you, and now it is your turn. If you are at all interested, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at alumni@rpi.edu, and they can find the best fit for you to help Rensselaer students.

Terence Barton received his undergraduate degree from RPI in Aeronautical engineering in ’92 and his MBA in ’01. He is currently serving as a vice president on the Board of Trustees of the Rensselaer Alumni Association. He is one of the owners of the Pure Performance Group in Waterford, NY. You can contact him at Terence@rockkrawler.com.

Founded in 1869, The RAA is one of the oldest alumni associations in the country, and made of over 100,000 alumni worldwide; represented by an alumni board of trustees who work to empower and engage current and future alumni in meaningful and strategic partnerships with Rensselaer. If you have questions about the Rensselaer Alumni Association and its programs and services, contact the Alumni Office at 276-6205, or raa@rpi.edu.

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