Staff Editorial:

The Poly’s new layout

As the new year begins, The Poly has implemented an overhaul of our basic layout for the first time in over 20 years. The new layout isn’t just a change of our masthead, but also involves a restructuring of our paper and an improvement to the visual aesthetics. Most articles will now include a “kicker”— a word or two that describes the category the story fits in. Headline fonts have been changed and overhauled, to provide better visual separation between each story, and the first line of each article is in small caps, for added visual flair.

The last time a major change in the design of the paper was implemented was back in the 1980’s, and though there have been incremental changes since, none rival the scope of the redesign that has been implemented today. We hope that this change reflects, and will continue to reflect, the best that The Poly can be.

The layout isn’t the only thing that’s being changed, however. The Poly has been working throughout the past year to get a new website, which is scheduled to be completed before the beginning of next semester. We have also worked to expand our presence on social media, with our live tweets of men’s hockey games and important events across campus, as well as our Facebook page. We will also be starting the usage of Instagram later this semester, as well.

This redesign is one of the ways The Poly is striving to improve and refresh itself as we enter a new era of news and media publishing. With hope, it will be a herald of new beginnings to come.