Editorial Notebook

Editor’s ideas for staying occupied

Winter Break is almost here; final exams and then we’re out! Most RPI students have nearly six weeks off. That’s a lot of time with no projects to complete, essays to write, or homework to do; it’s a time to relax and enjoy the break. Come up with a list of what you want to do either now or during the first week of break. I hope my ideas in this article will help you to generate your list.

To begin, two years ago on Black Friday I went out to Jo-Ann Fabrics and purchased fleece and made several handmade tie blankets. I have been wanting to donate them to children at a local hospital for a while now, and during this winter break, I will! If you are looking to keep yourself busy and entertained, purchase two pieces of anti-pill fleece two yards long, one of a solid color and one of a patterned piece. Then search online “how to make a fleece tie blanket,” follow the instructions, and viola, you’ll have created a super comfy and warm blanket. These blankets are nice to gift to family and friends and to even donate during the cold winter season.

Making blankets will probably only take up a day or two of break (unless you want to become a professional at it). What else is there to do you may ask? Day trips are always great. Get a group of friends together and take a train or all chip in for gas and drive to a city nearby, such as New York City, Boston, etc. Usually, cities have festive lights set up during the Christmas season, which are definitely worth seeing! Take a stroll in the park, go to a sporting event, have a nice dinner, and simply enjoy the day!

We’re up to three days filled now. Another day, when you’re scrolling through Facebook, and see an old high school friend pop up in your feed, send them a quick message. Ask them how it’s been, talk about some funny memories you both shared, and then maybe even meet up afterward.

This next one might sound a little crazy, but worth looking into. Go to a trampoline park. Over Thanksgiving Break, I went with my brother and sister to a new trampoline park nearby, and had a blast! Grab a group of friends together and check it out. Treat yourself to frozen yogurt or ice cream from a local café afterward. Other places just as fun to consider are indoor arcades, laser tag places, and bowling alleys.

You know that book you have been wanting to read for a while now? Stop by the library, check it out, and read it. Winter Break is a great time to catch up on a novel or two, and relax before classes start back up. Sip on a cup of hot chocolate and read by a fireplace, or if you’re someplace warm, prepare a slushie and read outside.

This is only a few ideas of what you can do over Winter Break. Remember, the opportunities are endless. Whatever you do, have an awesome Winter Break!