Staff Editorial: Post-career fair success tips

The 36th annual National Society of Black Engineers/Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Career Fair was on last Friday and Saturday, September 26 and 27 from 10 am–3 pm. The Poly staff would like to remind those that attended to follow-up on companies.

Companies usually have an online application to fill out for positions on their websites. Usually, they require both basic information and a résumé, in addition to a cover letter. Cover letters are letters of introduction that accompany a resume or curriculum vitae. It’s a way for applicants to show why they are qualified for the position they are applying for. They should be tailored to those specific positions that you are applying to and mention skills that are applicable.

If you didn’t go to the career fair, it’s not too late! If your cover letter or résumé needs work, the Center for Career and Professional Development is available to give you suggestions. Additionally, should you land an interview, the CCPD can also help you learn how to carry yourself during an interview and the types of questions that could be asked.

Also, Joblink is a great resource for applying to jobs. Hosted by the CCPD, Joblink is an online application system for students to use to apply to companies for internships, co-opportunities, and full time jobs. The process is identical to applying on a company’s website but is much more convenient for applicants to use. Through the site, companies’ on-campus interview dates and presentations can be viewed.

After you’ve applied to companies, you should follow up! Send thank you letters to recruiters and companies you have talked to, and about a week or two later, find contact information for the positions that you’ve applied for, and ask for an update on your application. It is just another way to make sure that those companies have reviewed your information and may give your application an advantage. Do check on companies’ policies, though, because some discourage this.

The Poly wishes everyone the best of luck in their job search!