Staff Editorial: Press Pass self-reflects

Staff Editorials are the weekly opinion of the editorial staff. For this Poly Press Pass issue, we decided to let the Press Pass members put their thoughts together into a special piece on Student Orientation and Navigating Rensselaer and Beyond.

Beginning with mutual thoughts, the Press Pass all thought that NRB was more exciting and especially engaging when compared to student orientation. Student orientation was much more structured and formal, dealing with boring, yet necessary matters such as lectures on campus services and introductions to campus. Given that it’s college, we felt as though we were being patronized. Rather than being treated like college students, we were treated similar to kindergarteners being herded around from place to place. A case-in-point would be the (mandatory) bingo game where freshmen had to shake hands with fellow students and flesh out any similarities between each other. While cute, it felt artificial. Yes, it felt somewhat like unofficial class, but on the flip side, student orientation as a whole took care of the boring parts of adjusting to college such as organizing schedules. This let NRB just be a week of fun—for the most part. Additionally, the Press Pass as a whole gives credit to the SO coordinators for fostering a welcoming atmosphere for the students, helping to alleviate some stress and tension and allowing a more relaxed environment. They excelled as competent and knowledgeable individuals, whether answering questions or assisting in preparation of schedules.

Relating to NRB, two common points came up. The first point brought up relates to the catered food at every outdoor event. Options were always limited to just hamburgers, hot dogs, and veggie burgers. The second point was to the number of icebreakers students were subjected to during the entire week. Whether during the day trips or in between trips to lectures, they became tedious and painful, with some trips having hours more icebreakers than others. Students got to know each other better during the actual events much more than with the icebreakers. For example, during The Poly Press Pass event, there were no icebreakers, and all of its participants familiarized themselves with each other relatively well. Otherwise, the Press Pass agrees that the NRB trips were fun and allowed students to broaden their horizons.

The Press Pass would like to wish everyone a successful semester and a great year.