Editorial Corner

New chapter for The Polytechnic

Hey readers! For anyone confused by this week’s paper, we as a staff have decided to consolidate Press Pass into the first issue of this semester. This way, coverage of Navigating Rensselaer & Beyond events is more publicized and those who worked on this issue are given more credit. We strove to report on as many events as we could.

For anyone that doesn’t know, we, The Polytechnic, are the completely student-run school newspaper. Our revenue is completely advertisement based and nonprofit, meaning that we are monetarily self-sufficient. We cover nearly every event on campus from hockey games, to Student Senate meetings, and Postergate (for those of you that don’t know, an upperclassman can probably tell you all about it). You name it, we cover it. And if you think we won’t, be sure to shoot us an email!

This semester, we will have familiar content from the past year such as the athletic schedule, Hockey Preview, Athlete of the Year, and club coverage. Additionally, Student Senate meetings will continue to be regularly reported on. You’ll be sure to see our photographer’s running around sports events taking action shots and reporting on student organization events. Heck, if you have seen something interesting, have an opinion, or have taken photos of an event on campus, feel free to send us your pictures or article (preferrably 500 words and double spaced)! We’ll be sure to fit you right in.

I know that last year, many of the candidates for student government ran their platforms on an emphasis on communication, and it sounds cliché, but really do feel free to reach out to us, just as we reach out to other organizations on campus. All of our members are ready and able to respond to leads you may have and want us to cover. This partly stems from our reliable and hardworking staff. As a group, we are tight knit and know the ins and outs of each others’ personalities; we even joke sometimes that we’re a fraternity (after the April Fools issue that came out last year). Our office is Union 3418, so if the door’s open, feel free to come in and talk; we don’t bite. We try and hold office hours for most of the day, so that you can come in if you need help with anything newspaper, RPI, or life related. If not, you can contact us at editor@poly.rpi.edu and leads to leads@poly.rpi.edu.