About Poly Press Pass

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work on a newspaper, but have never had the chance to do so?

The staff of The Polytechnic gave first-year students a chance to find out just what happens during the production of an issue of The Poly in a Navigating Rensselaer & Beyond event called Poly Press Pass, held the week before classes began.

It gave freshmen the chance to find out what it’s like to work on a college newspaper by working with regular staff members to create this special edition.

The students who participated in Press Pass came from a variety of different backgrounds and interests, and a number of them did not have any prior experience working on a newspaper.

After learning about the basics of creating a newspaper, the freshmen were allowed to participate in the full cycle of the newpaper production, including event coverage, writing, editing, and photography. They were also given an introduction to the process of laying out a newspaper.

Based on their interest choices, the Press Pass participants chose story leads to cover. They then paired up with staff members and were sent off to take photos and gather information for stories at the other NRB activities. After they returned from their outings, those participating in Press Pass only needed to send in their stories and photographs, but many decided to lend extra support to this issue.

Given that freshmen reporters and photographers covered the stories, this issue focuses on the first-year experience from a first-year student perspective.

For the short amount of time that they had to prepare for newspaper reporting, the Press Pass participants did an excellent job of covering their stories. The students also gained the valuable experience of working together as a team to create an issue that will be read by many across the rest of the Rensselaer community.

­— The staff of The Polytechnic

Press Pass Staff:

Rachel Blacker

Tyler Carney

Kapila Chandramouli

Zhichens Dai

Robert Hazell

Marshall James

Destiny Lopez

Megan Neill

Qu Nengjie

Shreya Patel

Wenjia Shou

Christine Simon

Casey Szalewicz

Jack Wellhofer

Newman Wu

Yike Wang