Staff Editorial: End of year preparations

The end of the semester is fast approaching, and with finals around the corner, students should make sure they have enough time to prepare to move out for the summer. The Poly would like to make sure everyone has transportation to go back home and their valuables secured. Many options are available to all students.

Organizing transportation is the most important aspect of moving out. Make sure that you have talked to your parents about airplane tickets or a ride home. For those whose parents cannot help but live close, there are a variety of options. Students can discuss car-pooling options on the respective RPI facebook groups or on the RPI subreddit. Additionally, Megabus provides a means to get to Pennsylvania Station in New York City and access to more trains if Amtrak doesn’t offer the correct train for your destination. However, if you take an airplane, bus, or train, you won’t be able to carry all your belongings with you. But, there are many storage choices around campus.

RPI offers storage options in North Hall, Nugent Hall, Warren Hall, the Quad, and Burdett Avenue Residence Hall. Large furniture cannot be stored here, as space is limited. Make sure that items are packed in cardboard boxes and labeled accordingly with your name and address. Cardboard boxes can be purchased at the post office in Downtown Troy. For those not willing to make the trek or spend the money, there are usually cardboard packaging in the trash rooms in residence halls. In the RPI storage, belongings are secured under lock and key, but the Institute is not responsible for those items. Additionally, those items must be removed at the beginning of the fall semester. More information is available at

Other storage options are available around Troy, through Storage Place, Spare Room, U-Haul, Storage of Cohoes, and Campbell Avenue Storage, to name a few. It is best to rent these places with another person or a group of friends, to make the cost more affordable.

The Poly would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer. Good luck on your finals, and congratulations and best wishes to the graduating seniors.