Letter to the Editor:

Cemetery cleanup

On behalf of the board of trustees, staff, our beloved volunteers, and our lot owners of Oakwood Cemetery, I wish to recognize with gratitude the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity for its exemplary support of Oakwood Cemetery.

As some of you may know, in January of this year Oakwood was the victim of cruel vandalism in which over 100 monuments and memorial stones were overturned. Some were well over 125 years old. Thanks to the recent hard work of these men and women, all of these monuments have been reset and restored.

The efforts by this fraternity will never be forgotten and I can assure you that we are deeply, deeply grateful not only for this fraternity’s recent work but by all at RPI who have over the years helped make Oakwood Cemetery the National Treasure that it is.

Thomas O. Maggs

President, Board of Trustees