Amarello talks E-Board positions, involvement

I’d like to thank those who supported me in the race to be the next President of the Union and to tell my fellow students, even if you didn’t vote for me, I’m here to do my best for you. I know that I have been given a great responsibility and together, we can get a lot done over the next year, including restoring faith in the Executive Board and Student Government. Usually, my article will contain updates about Rensselaer Union life and events here at RPI, but, today I want to talk about the future, and how we can work together to enact positive change. My greatest goal over the next year is to increase involvement.

If you are reading this article, chances are you are already a Rensselaer Union regular. You may be involved in club activities, likely you regularly support performing arts or athletics on campus, you enjoy spending time with your friends, and you love RPI, as do I. The sad fact is that most students at RPI are not like you. This year, we saw a record turnout for voting, and I want record setting involvement for all activities at RPI. My challenge to you over the next year is to make involved students the majority. The Rensselaer Union, RPI as a whole, has a lot more to offer than many students take advantage of. There are so many activities run through clubs, organizations, and teams that are part of Rensselaer Union, and many chances for students to get involved and make their mark at RPI before their four years are up.

Many students know that they want to see change, but don’t take action. Let this be a year of action; let us set the wheels in motion to start moving towards change. The first steps toward change are usually in our committees, both through the Student Senate and the Executive Board. These committees often lack the people power to make their ideas and goals come to fruition. Get involved! Spread the word! Bring a new friend to a meeting. It is only when we are all working together that can we know what we are capable of achieving.

This is a new year and I would like to see some new faces. There are so many ways to get involved. Committees are always looking for new members, you can like the Rensselaer Union, The Polytechnic, or RPI Student Government Facebook page or follow their accounts on Twitter to stay informed. I have sent my Executive Board applications to Intrafraternity Council, Panhel, all club officers, athletics, and the schools of Engineering, Architecture, Humanities, Management, and Sciences. They are also now available throughout the Rensselaer Union. My E-Board needs to be as diverse as the student body it represents. I want to see passionate leaders from all over campus on my E-Board, leaders who are involved and committed to making our experience here at RPI the best it can be. If you can’t locate an application, if you have questions or concerns, come up to my office, or send me an email at

I look forward to working with my fellow students, Grand Marshal Kyle Keraga ’15, the Student Senate and the Executive Board in the upcoming year. I believe that together we can enact positive change.