PU’s final Derby on GM Week

As term comes to a conclusion, many events recounted

Hello RPI and happy Grand Marshal Week! Today we are all enjoying a wonderful day off due to our yearly tradition of voting in next year’s Student Government representatives. I hope that most of you voted in Monday’s primary election, but even if you did not, it is very important that you come to the Darrin Communications Center, the Rensselaer Union, or Commons tomorrow to vote. We have an extremely high turnout for voting as compared to other schools, but there is always room for improvement. The last few years we have almost reached a 50 percent voter turnout goal, and this year, I believe we can meet that mark. The GM Week Committee did a great job with the design this year and the mugs have a significantly increased capacity, so please come out and vote tomorrow to receive your GM Week mug. There are very qualified candidates running in both the GM and PU races this year, so make sure that you come to the polls well informed. The Polytechnic’s GM Week issue has the candidates’ platforms and answers to many important questions, so if you need to know more information about either candidate, pick up a copy on your way to the polls. Making an informed decision helps not only you and all of the organizations you are involved in, but helps the entire Rensselaer community, so please take the time to learn about each candidate.

While GM Week symbolizes a time for new leadership to run the Student Union and the student body, it also signals that the time has finally come for me to leave office. I would like to thank all of those whom I have had the privilege to work with this year. Our club officers have adapted to many changes and I have greatly appreciated their cooperation and understanding. Some of these changes were drastically different from past policies, but the intent behind every decision was to improve operations of the Union for our staff, and ultimately for each and every student. I would also like to thank the members of my Executive Board. They worked very hard this year to develop a budget that they deemed fair to our clubs and to the student body as a whole. Some of the decisions that have been made were very difficult and they were expected to treat their positions with respect. I have appreciated their time and commitment to the Board, as many of them have gone above and beyond even my own high expectations for them. Being a member of the Executive Board is not an easy task, so I am proud and appreciative of the wonderful people I have been fortunate enough to work with this year.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to all of the members of the student body. While there were not as many candidates to choose from last year, our student body did elect me as President of the Union, and it has been my great pleasure to serve you. I’m looking forward to working with the next president in the upcoming weeks to help prepare them for a productive and prosperous year.

If you have any questions about the Union, or about anything that was mentioned in this article please feel free to contact me at Have a great GM Week and enjoy the rest of the academic year!