PU on variety of issues from elections to meetings

Student government campaigning, volunteering for GM week, new Union logo, meeting at EMPAC

Hello RPI, and happy spring! Although it may not feel like it with the snow flurries we have been receiving, spring has technically arrived, and as you may have noticed, so has campaign season. So far I have been impressed with the student government posters and campaigns that I have seen, and I look forward to watching it all unfold. Make sure that you take the time to talk to the candidates. Most of them have put their faces on their posters, but even if they have not, all candidates can be reached via their RPI email or their contact information at the bottom of their posters. As this year has a contested race in many elections, it is definitely worth the time to learn about the candidates and how they can improve upon their predecessor’s work.

Speaking of posters and candidates, I would like to mention Grand Marshal Week. Every year, the GM Week Committee is tasked with creating excitement and celebrating our tradition of voting in new students to student government positions. Last year the committee took great strides, moving the celebration to the academic campus and getting more students involved than in recent years. The celebration was vibrant and many students participated. This year I have high hopes for the GM Week Committee and the celebration they will be hosting. There are a variety of clubs who will be showcasing their talents throughout GM Week and I suggest you come out to see the wonderful things your peers have worked hard to showcase.

The GM Week Committee provides a service to all students and organizations by promoting participation in our student-run organizations. In order for this week to be a success there are many volunteers who are needed to assist with the programs being held throughout the week. If you have the time and are able to help, please contact Rick Hamant ’14 at in order to sign up. There are many opportunities to participate, and more often than not, the volunteer time turns out to be pretty fun! Last year, I scooped ice cream for a few hours, so you never know what fun activity you could be doing to help the committee.

At this week’s Executive Board Meeting, the new Renssalear Union logo was officially approved! This logo will be revealed during GM Week and will be used for years to come. This logo has been developed over this year by student designers, with the help of Holly Nelson in the admin office. The students have created a wonderful design unique to RPI and our Rensseleaer Union, and I am quite excited about the work that they have done. Make sure that you stay tuned and be prepared for the big unveiling during GM Week.

In other news, President Shirley Ann Jackson will be hosting her spring town hall meeting today, Wednesday, March 26 in the great concert hall of EMPAC. The meeting will begin at 1 pm, and there is sure to be worthwhile information announced for students, staff, faculty, and administration. If you have the opportunity, I would suggest attending the event in order to gain more insight into the future direction of The Institute.

If you would like more clarification about anything Union-related, or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Have a great week!