Staff Editorial: Now’s the time to start anew, improve grades

The Poly would like to welcome everyone back from a much-needed Spring Break. Its end marks the midpoint of the semester and is accompanied by a lull in the amount of schoolwork. But, don’t be fooled; there’s still a whole six weeks before the spring semester ends.

Spring is coming, and with it, the ideas of rebirth and regrowth. Believe it or not, Spring starts on March 20, and The Poly encourages the student body to embrace these revitalizing ideals. After a week’s break, students should continue with their studies and extracurricular pursuits. If you have not been performing well in classes, now’s the time to catch up and do some extra studying while the next round of exams is a week or two away. If you have questions in a class, you can always attend its office hours, usually held by its respective professor or TAs. The Advising and Learning Assistance Center is also available for casual study sessions and has a variety of other resources to assist students with classes; their website can be found at Underclassmen, you also have Learning Assistants in each freshman resident hall; if you’re having trouble with introductory classes or need help with time management, the LAs are there to help.

Additionally, this is a good time to catch up on applying for summer positions or jobs, if you do not already have one. Landing an internship is a great way to get the proverbial foot in the door for future jobs and résumé padding. If the position also pays, it’s a great way to have spending money for the next academic year. But just remember, if you don’t fill out those applications this week, it’ll be much harder to fit in time in the following weeks.

The Poly knows how hard it is to break out of a unproductive routine; that’s why now is the best time to start working diligently. Once you’ve caught up in classes, however, don’t fall behind! Keep that renewed energy for the rest of the semester and press on!