Staff Editorial: Lock up your windows

Recently, there have been a string of muggings and other crime targeted toward RPI students. This is a concern to The Poly staff, as we don’t want you to be a victim of campus crime. Crime seems to be increasing, and we encourage you to take precautions to defend yourself. Be careful about where you walk late at night, don’t display valuables—better yet, don’t bring them with you unless absolutely necessary. Stay alert, which includes not listening to music on headphones. Public Safety provides free escorts if you don’t feel safe walking somewhere, or you can travel with friends to make yourselves a less likely target. Act like you know where you’re going and what you’re doing, and keep a posture that doesn’t make you appear a victim.

During this last Winter Break, just like every Winter Break, apartments were robbed. Winter Break isn’t the only time when break-ins typically happen, though; break-ins during Spring Break are even more common because people forget to secure their apartments. Last year, among other break-ins, an on-campus student who was around campus for Break surprised a would-be burglar in the student’s residence hall.

This Spring Break, don’t be one of the victims; take precautions ahead of time. Make sure to lock doors and windows on- or off-campus apartment securely. Take your valuables with you. Use timers for your lights to make it seem like someone is home, in case a potential burglar is watching. If you do leave valuables, make sure not to leave them in plain-sight in front of a window.

Though we might not be able to stop people from trying to burglarize or otherwise try to hurt us, we can make ourselves safer by following some simple techniques. Above all though, is to exercise common sense—call public safety as soon as you feel uncomfortable, rather then wait and potentially get mugged. A few minutes could radically change the outcome of a situation. And lastly, remember that their are emergency phone poles placed strategically around campus, so make sure to know their locations.

Stay safe, take precautions, and remember lock up your residences. From all on the Poly staff, have a nice, happy, burglary-free spring break!