Editorial Notebook

Sing that campfire song

Ads coordinator fondly remembers her many camps

Summer camp. A time for children to spend all day playing in the warm sun, all afternoon swimming in the refreshing waters of a lake, and all night gathering around a cozy fire. Camp is a place where friendships seem to be made—and broken—in an instant. It is also a place to discover your fantastic arts and craft skills, and take part in inside jokes, ones that will only be funny to your camp friends.

When I think of summer camp, I think scuba diving off the coast of San Diego, horseback riding in open fields, building both parallel and series circuits in a workshop, playing the trumpet (for about eight hours) in a concert hall, and upgrading my bike into an epic pod racer to be raced around the school. You could say my summer camp experiences are a little more exciting than making multiple friendship bracelets.

Since I was young, I have been going to camp. Summer for me is opportunity; a time for me to discover hidden skills and experience new places. Therefore, when I am offered the opportunity to leave my house for a week to do awesome activities—sign me up! This is exactly the thought my mother had when I was young, and I am very fortunate for it.

Some camps I have attended are sea camp, band camp, electricity camp, circus camp, Star Wars camp, horseback riding camp, dance camp, theater camp, basketball camp, soccer camp, golf camp, Girl Scout camp, and art camp.

With all the camps I have attended, I have had some great moments that I shall always cherish. I have also meet some truly amazing people that I cannot envision my life without. One of those people is my friend Jack.

This one time at band camp, I became best friends with a boy Jack. I cannot recall how our friendship came to be, but we were both 12 years old and excited to become better musicians. After a few hours, we had discovered our mutual obsession with Spongebob. We both continued to attend band camp until we were 17. Even now at 20 years old, Jack and I still remain best friends, and are able to quote Spongebob to no end.