Staff Editorial: Can we FIXX it?

FIXX is responsible for repair and maintenance needs on campus. If there is a leaky faucet or faulty heater, FIXX is responsible for addressing and fixing it.

FIXX is supposed to be reliable and thorough with repairs so that problems do not happen again. However, in our experience, FIXX ends up revisiting “fixed” problems multiple times. Poly staff members have had problems with repeated leaking problems and recurring heater troubles. If an issue is brought up, FIXX should completely solve it instead of temporarily patching it up.

FIXX’s goal is to answer all requests within 48 hours. Unfortunately, this is not the case. While courteous in their replying emails, their actual responses can be few and far between. We understand that FIXX receives a voluminous amount of messages each day and that it is difficult to address every issue. Therefore, we think it would be beneficial to the RPI community if FIXX implements a status change or update system that updated users on when maintenance issues would be addressed.

This status change system would be reassuring to those that are in dire need of repairs. For example, Poly staff members have personally suffered from broken faucets for a month, no running water for a week, and burnt out lightbulbs for weeks, all after contacting FIXX. Additionally, some members of the Poly staff have contacted FIXX without ever getting their problems fixed. Many students also share similar experiences. The Poly office itself has also endured an overheating heater for days after contacting FIXX; one of them through the night before publication. If a status change system were implemented, it would remove anxiety that most have in waiting for a problem to be fixed. In addition, we believe that enacting a public queue would give individuals a more specific timeline of when they would be serviced.

As an organization itself that provides a service to the community, The Poly knows that it is difficult to address every issue and maintain perfect communication with users. However, we believe that the implementation of a status or update change system would put users at ease.