Top Hat

GM discusses Greek representation in Senate

Hello, RPI! At the Senate meeting this Monday, the Executive Board’s Union Annual Report for Fiscal year 2015 was approved. With the Senate approving it, the UAR will now go to the Board of Trustees who review and hopefully approve the final budget for the upcoming year. If you would like to review the budget yourself please visit RPI Flagship, and click on the 44th Student Senate.

At the Senate meeting, I also talked about putting together a committee to assess the representation of Greek life on the Senate. In one of my previous articles, I went through the preliminary discussion that the Senate had regarding the matter. Currently, there are two Greek senators on the Senate with one coming from the Interfraternity Council and the other from Panhellenic Council. Some believe that the Greek senators should not have voting rights on the Senate because they represent the particular interests of a specific student population outside of class year. Others believe that they should maintain their current voting status based on the many contributions and influence the Greek community has in the RPI community. This combined with the fact that Greek Life has had voting representation in some form or another on the Senate for a long time also makes for a compelling argument. This is a complicated question to answer; so, I have formed a committee to specifically talk about this issue and I will have an open forum for anyone that is interested in the matter and would like to express themselves. Stay tuned for more updates on this as the month progresses.

This Saturday at 7 pm is one of my favorite traditions on the RPI campus. The men’s hockey team will be playing Brown University in the Big Red Freakout at the Houston Field House. This game is so exciting because of the noise, the nice giveaways handed out to everyone at the start of the game, and the large collection of people in red clothing in the stands. Personally, I will be dressed head to toe in red gear including my top hat, a jacket, pants, shirt, tie and shoes. This game is pretty well known for how loud it gets. In fact there was a Freakout game in 1987 that was so loud (the giveaways were plastic horns) that the evening’s opponent, which also happened to be Brown, filed a complaint with the NCAA. To this day, because of that complaint there is a rule which prohibits fans from bringing artificial noisemakers into an NCAA event.

In addition to the Big Red Freakout, mark your calendars next weekend because the Winter Carnival is almost here. This is a fun day at ECAV filled with free food and entertainment. I especially am a fan of the cardboard sled races because of the cool, innovative, or just funny designs that students have with their sleds. If anyone has any questions let me know. I can be reached at