2014 class president announces gift

Benches in the DCC Great Hall to provide study space, first Albany Night Out

Note from Kyle Keraga ’15, president of the Undergraduate Council: Hello again, RPI, and welcome to the Undergraduate Council’s first class president feature! With this week’s column, you’ll be hearing from Michelle Lamberta ’14, president of the senior class, about 2014’s planned class gift and other upcoming senior events. If you have any questions or ideas for the senior class, you may reach her at lambem2@rpi.edu.

The senior class may know me as “the girl who sends out emails”, but there are a lot of things your class council is responsible for planning and you too can be involved. In the past, the Class Council has brought you your class ring, hockey nights, concerts, tons of free pizza, and various other good times. This year, we are hoping to continue this trend with some exciting upcoming programs and events.

Traditionally, each class donates a class gift to improve campus life for years to come. This year, the Class of 2014 is excited to announce that we will be raising money to install benches in the Great Hall of the Darrin Communications Center. Every day, students can be found lining the hallway on the floor. This situation is uncomfortable for students and unsightly for those passing by. By installing benches, the Great Hall will be transformed into an area for students to relax before and after class as well as a desirable location to study. Students interested in donating can find more information on our class website.

The Class Council is also excited for the many upcoming senior events. The first event of the year is the first-ever Albany Night Out. This event hopes to create an opportunity for RPI students to take advantage of everything Albany has to offer. Although Albany is only a 15 minute drive from Troy, RPI students do not typically have the chance enjoy the nightlife there. The Albany Night Out event provides safe transportation to and from the city for very minimal cost. All proceeds from the event will go to benefit our class gift. More information and the link to the registration website can also be found on our class website.

For anyone who is interested in participating in the planning of our senior events, I encourage you to come to one of our class council meetings. Meetings are every Wednesday at 8 pm in the Patroon Room (Union Room 2424) and are open to all!