Executive Board approves services to help students

Sileo also explains tools for Rensselaer students to achieve their academic potential

Hello, RPI, and happy fall! While fall doesn’t officially start until this Sunday, this past weekend most certainly felt like the beginning of this wonderful season! I hope everyone is taking some time to pick apples and make pies and crisps in between studying for exams. However, this is also a great time of year to take advantage of the many resources we have here at RPI to be fully prepared for that first test.

Whether you’re taking tests at RPI for the first time or you’re an experienced test taker, you can visit many places on campus to improve your test scores. APO, a service fraternity located in the Rensselaer Union, provides back tests for many classes. If you’re struggling to find the best way to study for a test, what could be better than actually looking at an old exam? But, this isn’t the only resource we have here. Office hours for both your TAs and your professors can be extremely helpful in preparing for the first round of exams. As helpful as back tests are, think about how much more you can gain from asking questions to the person who wrote your test! Our Advising & Learning Assistance Center also puts on many programs to help students, including drop in tutoring and personal one-on-one tutoring where you can find a little bit more help outside of the classroom. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, study with your friends! Your friends are one of your greatest resources. They can help you relax and have a good time, in addition to helping you do better in school. I have always found that I can focus and study better when I’m working with a group of smart people than when I try to work on my own. Keep these options in mind, and I wish you all the best of luck with the first round of tests!

As for news of the Rensselaer Union Executive Board, the Board approved funds this week to purchase new stools for the Club House Pub. This is actually the second purchase in a series of upgrades to the furniture in the Pub, which started with new tables and stools along the windows. These new stools should arrive soon and can count as a belated birthday present to the Pub! This past Friday was the Pub’s 23rd birthday, which was celebrated with cake, corn dogs, and fried corn. It was great to see so many people come out for the celebration. The Club House Pub has always been treated as a service to students, and a small portion of your Student Activity Fee goes to support the safe environment of the Pub. The Pub features Trivia Nights and Wine Nights and has many different ways for those of age to safely and responsibly enjoy alcoholic beverages.

In other news, the Executive Board is looking into a new scheduling system for the Union to make booking rooms easier and more accessible for all students. This is a long term project which we are exploring to determine the best option at the least cost to students. I’ll continue to keep you posted as the ideas and research progress.

I hope you all have a great week, and enjoy the delicious fall treats I mentioned earlier. As always, if you have any questions or would like to see your club mentioned in my article, feel free to send me an e-mail at Until next week!