Staff Editorial: Poly announces changes

The Poly is always working to deliver students the best possible newspaper experience. This week, we are announcing several new features to make the experience even better and easier for the readers.

We have a new e-mail address, designed to make giving tips or story leads to The Poly even easier than before. We hope that readers use this to send leads for stories that they are interested in having covered by a reporter or photographer from The Poly. Soon there will be a link for leads submissions directly on our website.

Speaking of our website, there are several other features we will add in the upcoming month. Some of you may have noticed the photo gallery of the activities fair that has been on our website this past week. The gallery is a new feature on our website and one which we plan on using regularly. Check out our photo album of Hockey Line! We will also be adding an RSS feed to our website to notify users when new content is published. The Poly will also start featuring non-intrusive advertisements on our website in an attempt to better serve both the local community businesses and students. If anyone has suggestions or features they would like to see, feel free to contact our web director at

As another method of increasing our publicity and making it easier for readers to enjoy The Poly, we will begin to use social media to promote our website and newspaper. Keep an eye out for The Poly showing up on your favorite sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. We hope that this will encourage conversation and discussion about all of our content.

Within the paper itself, expect to see more ads from local businesses. Many of these local businesses will be featuring great, sometimes exclusive, deals in an attempt to earn the student body’s patronage. This is part of our effort to encourage interaction between the RPI community and downtown Troy. We also plan on expanding our coverage of local events. Expect to see more content originating from down the hill this semester.

With all these new features rolling out, The Poly could use some help. If you are interested in helping out with any section of the paper, be it writing, copy-reading, business, interviewing, photography, or if you have just have a general interest, feel free to contact us at and let us know. And be sure to use our new leads e-mail if you have any tips for us. As always, one of the greatest ways you can help out is just by reading the paper and letting us know what you think. After all, The Poly is your paper.