Letter to the Editor

Parent finds quality of life lacking at RPI

To the Editor:

My son is now a senior at RPI and on August 26, we dropped him off and were quite disgusted with the living arrangements at RAHPs. Every year, tuition, living expenses, and meal prices continue to rise but the standard of living at RPI continues to fall. His room, although appearing that “new” furniture was present, had one electrical socket that was so bad that, in my opinion, it constituted a fire hazard. The plug for his extension cord did not remain securely in the socket, hanging out a full one centimeter due to gravity. He has informed FIXX—and they are going to “take care of it”—but I feel this is something that RPI should be pro-active when the end-of-year walkthrough is done, things like this should be noted and fixed ready for the next year.

In addition, after the move-in was complete, my family and I adjourned to the Burdett Avenue Residence Hall dining hall at “brunch time” and found the quality of food to be atrocious. Again, with the amount of money being spent, I expect that the student quality of life, in addition to academics, should also be held to the high standards that RPI professes to uphold.