PU announces 2013–2014 Executive Board

Sileo offers congratulations to Rensselaer athletics and discusses finals week

Hello RPI, and congratulations on making it through the 2012-2013 year! It is my pleasure to introduce you to the members of next year’s Rensselaer Union Executive Board. On Thursday evening, the Student Senate confirmed the appointments of eleven representatives, including the new Senate-Executive Board liaison, Frank Abissi ’13, per the Grand Marshal’s appointment. As for the rest of the Board: graduate student Nimit Dhulekar is now the Graduate Class Representative, Matt Kosman ’14 is the Class of 2014 representative, Erica Hutchins ’15 will serve as the Class of 2015 Representative, and Joyce Liu ’16 will be serving as the Class of 2016 Representative. Confirmed as the five Club/Intercollegiate Athletics Representatives are: Erin Amarello ’15, Gabriel Kurtzman-Gonzalez ’16, Kirk Bittner ’15, Andrew Lynch ’13, and Ramneik Bathla ’15. Finally, one of the two Member-at-Large positions will be filled by Eric Ray ’13.

These eleven appointments leave four spots open on the E-Board. The Undergraduate Council and Graduate Council Representatives have been approved as Paul Blejwas ’16 and graduate student Chaz Goodwine, respectively. The Class of 2017 representative and second member-at-large position have yet to be filled because they are reserved for the incoming freshmen. These spots will be filled shortly in the beginning of the fall semester. I want to thank everyone who submitted applications to be on the E-Board. I had a very tough time choosing such a small number of Representatives from the incredibly talented pool of applicants that I had this year. I am very excited with the potential of all those who will be serving on the Executive Board next year and I look forward to a very productive year. I encourage all students to get involved in one of the diverse Executive Board committees we will have next year. These groups focus on specific aspects of services and programs we provide here under the Union, and are always looking for new members to get involved. If you are interested in learning more, please e-mail me at

I would like to highlight the recent achievements of Union clubs and athletic teams. This past weekend, our athletic teams did extraordinarily well. Men’s track won the state meet, and women’s track placed third at the state meet. RPI women’s lacrosse came first in the Liberty League, as did RPI Softball. If you see anyone from any of these teams, please make sure to congratulate them on a season well played, and wish those who are still playing the best of luck!

This past weekend was also very busy with Rensselaer Music Association’s spring concert in the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Sheer Idiocy’s comedy show in Mother’s Wine Emporium, and many more events. Remember that there is never a dull weekend here at RPI, with the more than two hundred active clubs and organizations we have.

Finally, I would like to advertise the End of Semester Bash, which is essentially a calendar of all the events that will be occurring in the next few days. If you are ever feeling stressed and would like to attend a fun event, this calendar is the place to look! Calendars can be found in the Union or in many places around campus. If you have any questions or would like a copy of the calendar, you can also reach out to me.

I wish everyone the best of luck with their finals and final projects; I can’t say that enough, as I understand what you’re going through! I hope everyone has a great summer, and I look forward to seeing you all in the fall. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at