New PU Sileo urges E-Board applications

Executive Board manages over 220 clubs on campus, including Mueller Center, Playhouse, varisty athletics; budgeting occurs before and after Winter Break; applications in Union

Hi, my name is Gretchen Sileo, your recently-elected President of the Union. I would like to thank everyone who came out and voted this year; we had an excellent turnout! I have been involved in the Executive Board since my sophomore year, and I really enjoy getting to work with all of the diverse clubs and organizations we have here. I can’t wait to strengthen these relationships during my time as PU.

As the President of the Union, one of my first jobs is to choose a new Executive Board. “The Executive Board?” you may ask; “What is that?” Well, the Executive Board is a group of 15 students, who oversee an approximately $8.5 million budget! Where does this money come from? It comes from the Student Activity Fee paid by each RPI student in order to fund the many extracurricular activities on campus. This fee will be $619 for undergraduate students and $334 for graduate students next year. It is the Executive Board’s role to determine the best way to allocate these funds in order to benefit the most students.

The Executive Board funds over 220 clubs on campus, in addition to the Mueller Center, the Playhouse, the Union itself, and varsity athletics. This board consists of representatives from every class and from many clubs and athletics on campus. Each of these clubs and athletics teams has an Executive Board representative who helps them create a budget around December every year. The Board budgets together during the study days to determine which programs need funding and how they benefit students. The Board also returns near the end of Winter Break to complete budgeting by examining individual club budgets.

In addition, these representatives work closely with several varsity athletics budgets and meet regularly with administrators of the facilities we run on campus. The Executive Board representatives are very involved in the budgeting process because they are responsible for every cent of student money that is spent. While this is a time-consuming job, it is very rewarding to assist with the budgeting process and to be such an integral part of the Union.

As the President of the Union appoints this board, I am looking for any and all members of the student body who are interested in becoming more involved in this process. In order to have a well-balanced Board, I am looking for students who are involved in clubs, greek life, varsity athletics, and, above all, students who are excited to become a part of this unique experience. Our Union is an extremely rare example of a student-funded and student-run organization, and I cannot emphasize enough the incredible opportunity it is to be a part of this process.

If you are interested in becoming more involved, please pick up an application in one of the many locations in the Union, or contact me at Enjoy your week, and I hope to be meeting with some of you soon!