Stack offers final Derby tips, advice

GM Week is here! I hope that everyone takes some time out of their schedules this week, especially today when classes are cancelled, to check out the many events planned for “the block.” I would like to give a shout out to the chair of the GM Week Committee,
William Schmitt ’13, who, together with his team has put an amazing amount of thought, time, and effort into planning some great events. Please see their website
( for a complete listing of events, programs, and activities that are taking place this week! Tomorrow, student government elections will take place—a process that allows you to choose those students whom you would like to see in leadership roles here on campus. Students can vote in the Rensselaer Union and Commons Dining Hall lobbies from 9 am to 7 pm, and in the DCC Great Hall from 9 am to 5 pm. Everyone who votes tomorrow will be given the traditional souvenir:
a GM Week mug!

I would like to remind everyone about the changes we are proposing to the Union Constitution that were highlighted in recent editions of The Poly. These changes were mostly organizational and/or grammatical in nature, but even so, they must be approved by you, the student body, during GM Week in order to take effect. A full version of the ballot question as well as a “tracked changes” version of the Constitution can be found here: Please take a moment to read them, and if you have questions I encourage you to forward them to myself or the Student Senate ( Don’t forget to vote on these changes tomorrow!

Last week, I sent out the annual Union E-Board feedback survey to all officers of funded organizations. This anonymous survey allows me and the next President of the Union valuable data to evaluate the Executive Board, find out and address areas in which we are falling short as representatives, and provide club opinions as to which E-Board members they would recommend for re-appointment to the Board next year. If you missed it, this survey can be found at We welcome any comments, questions, or concerns that you might have!

Finally, as my term as PU draws to a close, I want to take some time to thank everyone who has worked with me to further student life here on campus. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of campus life, it is easy to forget the selfless contributions that countless individuals make to the student body, whether it is other students, faculty, staff, or community members. We, as students, are very lucky to have these people working
with and for us!

As my term concludes, I would like to offer one piece of advice, especially to those students who will be returning to Rensselaer next year. Here at RPI, each student is a scientist in her or his own field, and students develop questions all the time like why did X happen, or who was involved with project W, or what is going on with event Q? If you have questions or concerns about student life, student activities, campus politics, or campus events please reach out to your Student Senators or the Grand Marshal ( and PU ( Things have changed for the better on this campus and things will continue to evolve as the Institute grows, but only if students take on the responsibility of being active in this process. If something is not being done to your liking, ask why and get informed. One e-mail could go a long way and be insightful for not only followers, but leaders as well.