Top Hat

Grand Marshal discusses future events

Hello RPI! I think this is either my third-or second-to-last Top Hat that I will be writing! This year has surely gone by very quickly. Since this is one of my last articles, I need to write about something important! This week, I will be talking about the staff and administration at Rensselaer. Over the course of my academic career here, I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege to work with and meet many of these great staff members and administrators, so I think it’s about time to talk about my experiences.

If you have had the opportunity to meet the staff that support the Institute (in various different capacities), then you know that all of these people care deeply about their jobs and the students that they affect. There are some staff members that most students get to work with frequently—these include: the staff of the Rensselaer Union, Archer Center Staff, the different Deans, Student Experience, Athletics, and the list goes on and on. All of these wonderful people work extremely hard to make sure that we students have the best
experience here that we can.

As students, we get to see a lot of people that work in the Student Life Division, but seldom do we get the chance to meet the other people working in Administration, Finance, Enrollment, HR, DotCIO, Advancement, Alumni, and again, the list of departments goes on and on. All of these hard working and intelligent people are the ones that are responsible for how great Rensselaer has become in the past decade, and it’s a shame that we have no way to thank them!

What got me thinking about all of this was a goodbye party for Erin Crotty, Rensselaer’s Director for Community Relations this Monday. I’ve known Erin since my freshman year through issues relating to my fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, and the Beman Park neighborhood. Since that time, we’ve seen major improvements in neighborhood relations between students and residents, largely due to Erin’s work. This is just a very tiny portion of what Erin does for Rensselaer, and we will miss her dearly!

Another thing that I noticed this week was the level of support and assistance that these people are offering to students and student organizations. I think it’s great that many of our campus clubs are independent and very student-driven, but it’s also very important to get help from Institute staff (whether you think you need it or not). There are many examples of collaboration that have led to much success. The Student Senate is an example of it­— partnering with many different divisions in Student Life; the Rensselaer Music Association is an example of how a Union funded organization paired with an academic department can get some great things done!

There are many more opportunities for students and staff to work together and make this campus better, so why not do so? Now that I’m writing this article, I started thinking of another example where collaboration could also improve an organization. If you’re a writer or editor for The Poly, why not go to the Division for Strategic Communications and see what advice they can offer you? If you’re a club leader, try to think of ways that you can reach out and seek the Institute for advice. There are many resources that exist that you might not know about, and everyone is here to provide you with the best experience that tuition can buy­—so get your money’s worth!

Email me at if you have any questions! Have a good week everyone.